Growth Barrier-200 Storyboard - Ministry Specific Resource (PDF)


Growth Barrier-200 Storyboard - Ministry Specific Resource (PDF)
Storyboards provide a visual "line of sight" through a development topic. This ministry-specific storyboard on Growth Barrier-200 addresses the following Development Outcomes and Learning Objectives.

Development Outcomes

  • Intentionally prepare strong foundations through understanding and evaluation.
  • Focus on the direction and organisation necessary for sustainable growth.
  • Multiply enough leaders and carers to handle the growth of the church.
  • Navigate the church away from the past and into the future by concentrating on the harvest.

Storyboard Headings

  • Grow personally.
  • Grow the congregation.
  • Evaluate current reality.
  • Directional clarity.
  • Organise for growth.
  • Equip and multiply leaders.
  • Expand the pastoral care system.
  • Separate the past from the future.
  • Concentrate on the harvest.
  • Lead, manage & grow.